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Student athletes are facing challenges and dealing with pressures no generation before them experienced. Many enter their university having had very little input from the generation ahead of them and they don’t quite know what to expect.
That’s why Seasons exists.
This is a book written by a former student athlete specifically for today’s student athlete and it addresses many of the issues these young men and women will deal with on a regular basis.
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About Ryan Sprague


After winning a national championship on the 1999 Florida State Seminoles’ football team, Ryan began competing in the real world. God used his decade as a pastor to nurture his passion for helping families. Now, with more than twelve years of marriage and five young children, Ryan is even more enthusiastic about partnering with families as they fight for their homes. Continue Reading…


  1. Pastor Ryan, your message Sunday was AWESOME! The Lord you used you to bless me and I can’t wait to share this message with others.

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