Caedmon’s Therasuit Workouts: Day 4 of 15

Caedmon is supposed to be at Progressive Pediatric Development Center by 8:30 am every weekday. To pull that off, we have to have him out of bed by 7 am in order for him to get dressed, eat breakfast, and be out the door by 8. He is working harder than he ever has in his life, so he should be very, very tired. But on Thursday, when Jeni went into his room to wake him up, Caedmon was already out of bed. He had scooted himself over to the bookshelf, grabbed his Bible, and was quietly turning the pages.
He doesn’t fully read just yet, so I cannot tell you for sure what he might have gleaned from those pages of scripture. But I can tell you that Caedmon was worshiping the God who made him that morning, and it made God smile. It made me smile too. Caedmon stopped making excuses a long time ago, so when he decided that he wanted to get up and read his Bible, he did it. I wish I was more like him… most of the time. I offer excuses like I’m handing out business cards, and none of them are any good. But, this isn’t about me, you came for the Caveman 🙂
Ms. Val is hooking Caedmon into the harness to do some work in the cage. You will see a good portion of this in the video.
Here is Ms. Val again. She is Caedmon’s primary Physical Therapist. His sign for her is the sign we use for “all done.”
They call this “Flying,” and Caedmon loves it! There is a good clip of this in the video too.
Without further adieu… Here is Day 4

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