Caedmon’s Therasuit Workout: Day 5

We were anticipating Caedmon getting sore through this process, but this isn’t what we expected. Day 5 started just like the previous 4 days, but as soon as the therasuit was secured, Caedmon began to wince. His left foot was hurting him bad enough that he wanted off of his feet, so Ms. Val did a little investigating.

As it turned out, C-dog, had a big mosquito bite on top of his left foot, right where his AFO’s wrap around it. Ouch. Ms. Val doctored it up, but he said his right foot was hurting too.

He wasn’t making excuses. We had his sock rolled up inside his AFO, and they were on a little too tight. His sore feet made him make the following face…

Ms. Carla held onto him while Ms. Val came up with a solution. He needed a little more padding on the left foot, but not so much on the right so…

We let him rock the mismatched socks! With the sore feet mystery solved, Caedmon made this face…

I can assure you, that’s happiness. He thought the mismatched socks were great, and his feet felt much better. So, a little behind schedule, Caedmon got to work.

He had another full day of work, followed by a full house that night. We welcomed a gaggle of giggling girls from Atlanta for the weekend and the boys had a great time playing in the pool and eating pizza. Saturday night, we went to the Miracle League of Tallahassee’s field dedication. The boys had a big time playing kickball and Bocce ball, followed by a romp through the sprinklers! The boys had the opportunity to meet a 2008 Olympian as well. Ngoni Makusha finished 4th at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing in the long jump, he missed the bronze by 1 cm. Ngoni is a junior at FSU and was out with some other Seminoles volunteering with the Miracle League. Caedmon was interviewed on the local news and showed up that night and Sunday morning on TV!   Everybody got some much-needed rest on Sunday, before beginning another big week.

(Go here to see the clip, you have to scroll over past page 40 on the video player, look for the video titled, “Miracle League Baseball)


  1. He has a lovely smile. You mentioned you had a much needed rest on Sunday….that’s great, but don’t forget church. If you don’t have one and are looking for one, my son and his wife attend St. Peter’s Anglican on Thomasville Road Tallahassee; if you are in Orlando, look for me at St. Luke’s Cathedral 130 N. Magnolia Ave. Ask for Matthew Bennett in Tallahassee; ask for Sam Bennett in Orlando. Blessings to you and your family.

    Sam FSU ’68

    1. Thanks Sam, Actually I was in the pulpit last Sunday 🙂 I am one of the pastors at our church here in Tallahassee. Church was, and is a part of our day of rest 🙂

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