Caedmon’s Therasuit Workouts: Day 7

In Case you missed it, late last night I published these posts: Putting On The therasuit, Day 5, and Day 6. Be sure to check them out as well, you may want to do them in order.

Day 7 was a fun one. The boys spent the night with Nana and Pa-G, which means they had pancakes for breakfast! Without a doubt, the favorite breakfast in the Sprague house. Jeni and I picked all of them up and took everyone to Caedmon’s workout for a little while.

Here’s Andrew trying on the Therasuit while Caedmon received his massage. He wasn’t completely sure what to make of it.

Drewsie doing some of the drills that his big brother does everyday.

Jack was there too, doing a little horseback riding. He didn’t want to try on the suit.

We found a Jeni Sprague action figure in the break room!

Caedmon was pretty tired by the end of the day. Remember how tired he looks, because this is at the very end of his workout, and when I began shooting the video. He had a blast for his last 40 minutes, so this is an upbeat video.



  1. Looks like football drills on the hands and knees. Stay strong man. We are rooting for you along with the Jeni Sprague action figure. Love you guys.

  2. Wow.
    Heartbreaking. Awesome. Moving. Glorious.
    I can only imagine how proud you are of that boy and the particular love you must have for him.
    I was watching just cheering him on… snotting and crying too.
    Way to go Caedmon! WOW!

  3. Hey Ryan, I was just now able to catch up. Somehow my Facebook and Gmail got deleted. I’m loving the blog… Keep up the good work. I’m forwarding the blog to a friend of mine, I think she’d enjoy it

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