1. READY, SET GO!!!!

    Looking really good Caedmon. Will you roll me around in the hollow ball? Did you roll Stacey and Daniel around in the ball?

    What happened to your chin?

    Keep those big smiles coming.


    1. He cut his chin on the kitchen floor. He got so excited about something that he forgot to put his hands in front while he was crawling and bonked his chin.

      Stacey and Daniel were able to avoid being rolled 🙂

      He was smiling when I left him today!

  2. Hello Ryan,

    Found your blog through a mutual friend and I wanted to say that your son is amazing and a true inspiration. My 4 yo son, Camden, has also done the Therasuit with Tammy and the gang last summer and we are now planning on moving to Tallahassee.

    I was wondering, when you get a chance, if I could get your feedback about local schools and services. Thanks and good luck with the book.

    Kevin Bailey

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