1. Well, people talk like that (although, it is to be wished if not hoped, not to their toddlers). I used to talk like that; to my shame, I still do, more than occasionally, in highly emotional contexts.

    Perpetual question: do people talk that way as a result of what they see and read in the media, or is it the reverse? Both, is my guess, along with a general de-articulation-ing of society. (I’ll forbear to give you my views on public and other education!)

    Is a writer’s goal to mirror society, in which case the one under consideration has apparently not considered the portion of society I now inhabit. Or, is it to improve it? Or, is it to sell lots of books and get awards?

    If we read these books, will we understand the larger world better, or will we become more like it?

    If a blogger asks for comments, doesn’t he deserve more than more questions?

  2. Susan, I wrote such a cool response to your comment but failed to hit the post button. Arrgh!

    It was full of poetic words and beautiful imagery. But, now I don’t have the time to recreate it.

    The cliff’s notes version follows:

    We all copy the words we hear, starting as infants.

    I wish more artists worked to improve culture as opposed to just commenting on a bad one.

    I wish I wouldn’t have messed up my first comment… you would have been so impressed 🙂

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