Weighty Endeavor

You’re a big loser!

Would you want someone to say they to you? My mom and sister would.

In a time when bad means good, phat means good-looking, and sick means awesome; I guess it’s only keeping with the times that being the biggest loser means being the most successful. Tomorrow morning, Candi and Stacey Sprague, my mom and sister respectively, begin the 12 week “Biggest Loser Atlanta” competition. Stacey loves orange, Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, and Phase 10. Candi loves purple, Mannheim Steamroller, Neil Diamond, and bridge. I’m pretty sure they both consider me their favorite person.

They are going head-to-head with other “couples” to earn the paradoxical loser championship. Four days a week of morning workouts, two mid-week health classes, and pre-fabricated, specialized meals will aid them in their quest for legendary loser status.

Stacey has begun writing a blog to share her journey with anyone interested and I wanted to share that with you. In her first post, she outlines the process from inception to enrollment and includes an excerpt of her application letter:

…”As a child and young adult, my mom was always thin but after having 6 children, the weight was not easy to lose.  I, on the other hand, have been over weight all my life.  She knows what it is like to be thin and wants to have that feeling again.  I want to experience it for the first time.  We are both active but can’t seem to lose weight but really do work at it.  My mom, at the age of 60, started training for a marathon (which she ran in January of 2010) but only lost 3 pounds which was very disappointing.  I took 3 months of boot camp and didn’t lose a pound which was very disappointing.  We are both willing to workout but need to learn the best way to workout and need guidance on dieting.  My mom has just moved to Atlanta for a new job and sees this as an opportunity as a fresh start…new city, new job and a new look!  I see this opportunity as a chance to wear sleeveless tops and to tuck in my shirts!  It’s the little things!  Please pick us and give us our fresh starts in new bodies!”

I don’t think this is about losing a few pounds; I think this is about answers. I’ve had friends battle with illness without the benefit of knowing their specific diagnosis and it was maddening. From doctor to doctor, prescription to prescription with nothing to show for it but a lightened wallet and more grey hairs. My sister knows that frustration all too well. We are all rooting for that frustration to end and for our sister and mother to be the two biggest losers in all of Atlanta!

You can read Stacey’s blog here: The Weighting Drove Me Mad


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