Upsetting Bracket


Andrew is three, and apparently an optimist. He roots for the underdog, loves Rocky and Rudy, bets on the longshot, and will probably marry up. He’s fearless.

He filled out his first NCAA tournament bracket this morning and this is his final four.

  • Out of the West =(14) Bucknell
  • Out of the Southeast = (13) Belmont
  • Out of the East = (13) Princeton
  • Out of the Southwest = (14) St. Peters

You national championship game will be an epic tilt with St. Peters knocking off Bucknell… wait for it… 5 to 4.

Without cheating; can you tell me the St. Peters Mascot?

Here are some of Andrew’s highlights:

  • (15) LIU-Brook, Lilly Brook to Andrew, upsets (2) UNC
  • 14-seeds go 14-3 with St. Peters beating fellow (14) Bucknell in the Championship
  • 13-seeds go 18-4
  • No 1-seeds make the “Great 8”
  • Two 2-seeds and one 1-seed get knocked out in the 1st round. (UNC, ND, Kansas)
  • The average seeding of your “Great 8?” 12, including 15th seeded “Lilly Brook.”
  • Even though Florida State had the dream scenario with the Akron Zips upsetting Notre Dame in the first round; they couldn’t capitalize and were upset by Akron as well. Stinkin’ Zips!

 Did you fill out a bracket? What was your favorite pick?

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