Praying for Ethan Fisher

This is the report from

Jimbo Fisher’s youngest son Ethan is very ill. Out of respect to the family I’m not going to provide details until they decide to release the information. All I can say is that it is serious. Our prayers go out to the Fisher family in this very difficult time.

Statement from Jimbo Fisher: “Candi and I ask for your prayers as our family is dealing with a very personal matter concerning the health of our youngest child. We ask that you please respect our privacy as we deal with this as a family. We will rely on our faith, our immediate family as well as the entire Seminole family as we face these challenges in the coming months. With the right medical care and the proper optimistic approach, we are confident of positive results.”

If you aren’t aware, Jimbo Fisher is the new head coach of Florida State University. He’s a relatively young guy with two young sons, Trey and Ethan. If you watch much FSU football you’ve seen Trey run on to the field with the team and probably seen shots of Ethan in the stands with his mom, Candi. Coach Fisher does a great job involving his kids in the program, a la Tony Dungy. Many of you, who read this blog, are very empathetic to the emotions in the Fisher home right now so I thought you would like to know about it. My boys, Jeni, and I will prat pray for Ethan. Perhaps you’ll pray too.

If we hear anything more, I’ll share it here.

Coach Fisher with his family. Candi, Trey standing, and Ethan in Jimbo's arms.

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