I am Norm

A group of teenagers came up with this campaign last year and it’s in full bloom. It seems we share the same goal, eliminating the ugliness of “normal.”

Way to go Harry!

They are taking the positive approach of redefining normal. Where I’m using the strategy of doing to normal what Harry Stamper did to the asteroid in Armageddon. But really we’re doing the same thing, raising awareness to the fact that everyone is valuable, everyone is worth it, and no one should be excluded… not even Justin Bieber. It’s time to let it go guys, the kid is bigger than Milli Vanilli and Tone Loc ever were, stop hatin! We will never say never… anyway.

You can watch their cool videos (Norm’s, not Milli or Bieber), download their logo to put on facebook, and learn more about the program here: http://www.iamnorm.org/home.aspx

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