1. Very well said. It’s funny that I came across this. I was thinking of the exact same thing. You have to work to write well, and you have to put in time to create a story. Most people think that it’s something that can be done so easily, but it takes time and effort; lots of sweat, brain power, daydreaming, sore hands… lols that sounded wrong, but you get the idea ahah… 🙂 Anyways, I just wanted to say that I liked your post.

  2. Good post! I tend to struggle with the concept of that first sentence. If I can’t get the first sentence or the first few perfect or right when I sit down to start, then I’m done and I’ve given up. It’s a hard reality to overcome and makes it hard to sit and focus so I become “busy” with other things or lose interest.

  3. Ryan, Your article addresses a struggle I’ve found myself facing for the last two years. I like writing with inspiration and sometimes I do it well. BUt I’ve found it difficult to write well always and I’ve even found myself running from writing when I find it work. The interesting thing is that when I am consistent and I do discipline myself I tend to enjoy the process more. Thanks for writing this article it is the inspiration I needed today.

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