1. I still have four or five of those Tupperware sippy cups, minus the tops, and my youngest child is in her 20’s. Knowing the Sprague’s ( Sprague’s shows as a misspelled word with the best option as Sprayers; like it!) as I do, I am sure this will be resounding success and will lead the many many cups and glasses being recycled or donated.

    1. Those will come in handy if Steven and Amy keep giving you grandkids. Now you seem like a frugal genious; you’ve gotten 20+ years and 2 generations out of those $2 cups, stewardship at its finest!

  2. I was right there with ya’ brother, until you dissed my washing machine. As a mom of 11, I could almost frame a picture of the inventor of that Godsend. But we do tend to take good things to an excess and I’m sure we’d overdo that if not for the cost of running it.

    Good reminder. And I love the advice to simplify our writing. So, I’ll end my comment now 🙂

    1. See, you are using the washing machine for it’s intended purpose. We only have four kids in our house, and the laundry is bountiful. You’re load has to be awesome. Here’s a thought to ponder, in regard to the beloved washing machine. Do you think that our kids are poor stewards of their clothes? I wonder if our kids would have better table manners if they had fewer shirts? If I had one nice shirt, I bet I’d be more cautions with the spaghetti sauce; I might even rock the napkin tie. Same for shoes and pants. I wonder if we would take better care of them if we didn’t have so many. My sister (she’s an 8th grade teacher) once asked her students if they thought they would wear their clothes more than once if they had to hand wash all of them. They answered with a unanimous “yes.” I simply wonder if we do a disservice to our kids when we provide more than necessary. What if we wore clothes two days in a row? What if we didn’t wash jeans after every wear, and instead washed them when they’re dirty. Just wondering if we’d be more open if we had to use the old washboard and clothesline?

      By the way, I love that you have 11 kids!! Children are a blessing from the Lord and you, my friend, are blessed indeed. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

  3. About the diapers — it also leads to delayed parental action, or aunt action. Most of the time, nothing is leaking, so putting off a diaper change is easy to do. Maybe you need to finish watching TV! Sixty years ago, one was up and moving ASAP, no doubt.

    1. I figured I’d save that admonishment for another blog, but you are spot on. I know how differently I act when the trusty diaper springs a leak, and I find myself wet along with one of my sons, as opposed to an effective diaper that keeps me free from urinary grafitti. Let’s get them kids using the potty.

  4. I love the washing machine but we don’t use a dishwasher in our house and we have one too. With only the 3 of us I don’t see the need in using it. We probably haven’t used ours in a good 4-5 years or more. However, if I had 4 boys I just might dust it off and turn it on 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! We survived well without one for a long time too, just not recently. See, I think the dishwasher makes our lives more stressful. Instead of each of the boys being personally responsible, the load falls entirely on Jeni or me. We have plenty of other things to do, so the temptation is strong to let the pile build. Then we are faced with a half hour of dish washing one evening, when we could be playing bananna-grams! What’s worse, nobody ever wants to unload a dishwasher. We love to load, because it feels like we are actually doing something. But forget unloading, because now we have to work. Is it easier to clean and put away 6 plates and cups or 30?

      I’m convinced our lives will be smoother this week, but we will see…

  5. The pig cup must stay. If not, it will need to move to Colorado. Sincerely, the Chicken Cup.

  6. Funny you should mention this. Last week the seal on our dishwasher went out. That and it was a week before vacation, so really lousy timing. However, I must say we didn’t fare so well. We still had piles of dishes to get done before we left. I’m not sure how many months it will take to order a new seal for the dishwasher, afterall, the Sears’ catalog only comes out once a year. I’ll have to wait to see if it’s available.

    Challenge #2 – build a convenient clothes line. It hasn’t reduced our laundry that much, but it has decreased our power bill a tad.

  7. I have returned to this discussion to see how the week went without the dishwasher…how did it go?

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