Dishwasher follow up

Not actually Jackson

So, it’s been 14 days since we begin abstaining from the dishwasher, and it’s been good. Really, I only have positives to report, here goes:

  1. Andrew and Jackson both regularly clean their own dishes, and for the most part do it well.
  2. The pile up’s (dishes waiting to be washed or put away) stay so small that they can  be easily eliminated while waiting on the mircowave or during commercials.
  3. We used the dishwasher one time, after a dinner party with our friends who are a family of 10. It felt perfectly approproiate and Jack helped put the dishes away when the load was done.
  4. It’s provided a great opportunity to develop personal accountability in the boys. Better now than when they start driving.
  5. Quote from Jeni:

“It’s been easier than I thought it would have been, and it’s produced a great sense of joy walking in the kitchen and the dishes always being done.”

I’d say we’re on the right track.

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