The Unconquered Chronicles

My newest writing project is out of the bag. The Unconquered Chronicles are a series of adventures that Sam & Emma get to experience with the Seminole warriors. After finding a gold coin in their attic they are transported to a new world where the meet the leader of the Seminole people, Panther. They learn that this new world is at war as rival clans seek to obtain the Great Stone. Sam & Emma join the warriors as the defend the Castle of Clay and invade other locations like the Tiger Valley in their own search for the stone.

The coolest part, is the stories come out once a week and are emailed to the subscribers. Each story works right up to the point of conflict, but ends on a cliffhanger. Readers can watch the FSU game that Saturday and see what happens; how cool is that? You can read the first story here.

The next week’s story is a re-creation of the game, in Unconquered Chronicles form, and sets the table for the next adventure.

I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been done before, ever. I’m pretty excited about it!

Please help spread the word to any Seminole fans you know, and if you’re wondering…

The Unconquered Chronicles has a cousin that will be made public very soon. It’s the same basic concept, but with an entirely different story, and it’s written for college football fans in general. The story includes schools from all the big conferences, and all the regions of the country: Notre Dame, FSU, Penn State, Ohio State, USC, Oregon, Georgia, West Virginia, Army & Navy, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and more. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

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