Two Children’s Adventure Books

Occasionally I’ll eat an entire cupcake in one sugary bite. Inevitably, the first few moments leave me somewhere between gluttonous glory and suffocation. With icing all over my mouth and cake crumbling to the floor, I get past the temporary asphyxiation and swallow the scrumptious cake… and reach for a second. (I patiently savor the follow-up with at least two bites)

Today feels a little like having an entire cupcake in my mouth.

The Unconquered Chronicles officially come out tomorrow, and The Magic Ticket on Thursday. Two running stories, with two totally different sets of characters and locations. My first real deadline projects. If a keyboard could produce crumbs, I’d have a mess on my hands.

I’m excited to see how the stories will turn out, but I’m equally apprehensive I might be the only one.

One of the reasons I launched these projects was because I didn’t think they would require a huge time investment. I also figured people would love the concept and I’d be a viral phenomenon.

I’m afraid I underestimated the time investment, and let’s just say the internet CDC isn’t too concerned with the stories just yet.

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