A new look?

So, there’s plenty to do these days and I wanted to get your feedback on something.

Just a quick rundown:

  • The Unconquered Chronicles began last Wednesday.
  • The Bible Study I teach began last Sunday.
  • The Magic Ticket takes off tomorrow.
  • We are beginning the Miracle Sports baseball season tomorrow.
  • My first game as a middle school football coach is this Saturday.
  • The ‘Noles kick off Saturday too.
  • We might be starting Caedmon and Jackson in Cub Scouts, which commits me every Monday night.
  • Not to mention, my regular preaching and teaching at King’s Way.
  • And, my other writing projects, including marketing Grateful, and continuing The Journey.
There’s plenty to do, but I already wrote about that. (here)
I’m sure you could list all that you’re doing and make me feel as busy as a clam. But I’m not trying to compare schedules; I’m asking for your help on something and I believe those items shed light onto the subject.
Here’s what I’m considering. I want to erase the current ryansprague.com, which is focused on Grateful, and point that web address to this blog. This would become ryansprague.com.
I also want to re-brand this blog… again.
I have to continue to clarify who I am, what I do, and what I’m about, and this blog should reflect that. It almost does that now, but not exactly. I’m sure you’ve noticed my posts can have little to do with each other (Consider this and this as examples).
The only connective tissue is me being the author. I want to improve that.
I’m considering renaming this blog, and calling it “Faith, Family, and Fable” to communicate who I am and what I, and this blog, am about.
Faith, because I am a follower of Jesus Christ and faith is the fundamental element of my existence. You might not share my faith or convictions, but my faith and convictions drive what I do and say. I believe right actions come from right thoughts, and right thoughts come from right beliefs.
Family because I believe, after faith, the home is the key to everything. We don’t need to fix welfare or the tax code, we need to fix families. We don’t need more social workers, we need more dads being responsible. I believe in kids honoring their parents and parents lovingly leading their kids. Most of my “nobody’s normal” ideas are best cultivated in the home and through the family.
Fable because I’m head over heels for writing and story. This blog is an example of that new-found joy, but I shared why I write in another post, so I digress. A fable is a story with a moral lesson, and that’s exactly what I want to do. Whether it’s a blog post, a novel, a kid’s book, a sports article, a sermon, or a Bible study, I want to communicate truth through a story.
So, there it is. Please share your thoughts.
  • Am I accomplishing my goal of clarifying what this blog is about?
  • Would you know better what to expect from a given post?
  • Would you be able to  better recommend the blog to friends?
  • Do I need to go back to the drawing board?
You represent one of the faithful who have been participating with this blog, so I sincerely desire your input. Looking forward to your thoughts.


  1. I do understand, and it makes a lot of sense. I will just miss the whole “nobody’s normal” concept, which was/is so very appealing to me….
    Come visit again soon!
    Eat All

    1. The “Nobody’s Normal” concept won’t go away. Not in the least. That is a major part of my Family, the Family concept at large, and my perspective is fueled by my belief that God created all of us with beauty, dignity, and purpose (Faith). I will simply do a better job of communicating the ideas within the FFF model. They are actually the easiest to work with. The posts about football, etc would be the ones that receive the most attention. For example, when I wrote about not paying college athletes I just shared my view. The same post in the future would help illustrate an idea from one of the three F’s, or I wouldn’t write about the topic. Does that make sense?

  2. I like your ideas about moving forward with the blog and fully support your stances on FAITH and Family! I love the “Faith, Family and Fable” name! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  3. I do also enjoy your posts on football though! The “inside perspective” is very interesting to those of us who love the Noles but have never been “on the inside.”

    1. I will still write stuff about my ‘Noles, football starts with an F too, after all. If I am writing a purely football post, I will find another outlet for it. Perhaps a Sports Nation blog or something like that. If, on the other hand, it relates to one of the 3 F’s, I’ll post it here. I might write about Dustin Hopkins statements after he missed against UNC, then was successful against Clemson for example 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

  4. I’ve been reading posts from another e-author, Randy Cassingham. While I don’t agree with all he writes, he does write quite effectively. If you google him or visit any of his sites, you get the feeling they are all linked together. I think by combining there’s a little clarity that’s lost. I reviewed the “grateful” site and found it quite insightful as it relates to the book. I’ve always enjoyed “Nobody’s Normal”. And it wouldn’t be quite the same if I didn’t know where you come from. I personally like fitting all the pieces together (but, I have issues!). When you look at Randy Cassingham’s sites, you know that they all come from the same author and are all related to one another (true/anti-spam/jumbo-joke/mug-shot). Like looking at a never ending book you can visit and click links from one to the other. What might attract one to “Nobody’s Normal” may totally turn off one who is attracted to “Grateful”. … I think I’ve written enough. I want your writing to be a success for lots of reasons, but most important is the ability to share your faith in Jesus like Bobby Bowden and Billy Graham.

  5. Oh and as a shame faced FSU graduate who not once took advantage of student game ticket, I must say I really enjoy your book. I feel like I’m part of the team without being there. It’s actually sparking a mild interest in what I obligatorily attended during my high school marching band years. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in many places… do flies have a sense of smell?

  6. Ryan, clearly your scope has grown since you started “Nobody’s Normal” and your goals have broadened. Still, the original blog serves families with special needs members, and educates the rest of us. Along the lines of Kanani’s post, I encourage you to keep at least “NN” accessable separately, as a sub-blog or something.

    Whatever you decide, I know it will be for God’s greater glory!

  7. Sounds like a logical plan to me – but i wouldn’t spend too much time revamping since you have a very full plate ;)- don’t over analyze it, not until you have some spare time anyway.

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