Happy Birthday to Me

Just for fun, I’ve made a list of the Top Ten people who share my birthday (not including folks I know personally).

In descending order:

10) Adolf Dassler: The man who started the Adidas company. I’m not brand loyal to any shoe or shirt company, but I really the trademark three stripes on the Adidas gear.

9) Tariq Abdul-Wahad: Born Oliver Michael Saint-Jean, he played college ball at Michigan then on to the NBA. He was the first player born and raised in France to play in the NBA. I just think his name is cool.

8) Phil Simms: NFL QB, but he’s on this list because I was a big Mark Bavaro fan as a kid, and Phil threw him the ball. Phil gets in by vicarious association.

7) Kate Capshaw: Movie actress, who gets in for playing Willie Scott in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. I loved me some Indiana Jones growing up. (The fourth installment was a crime against the first three, and should be destroyed)

6) Dennis Miller: Comedian and political talk radio host. I remember him from Saturday Night Live as the host of Weekend Update, but my favorite Miller moment was this one, which really featured Dana Carvey. He’s in because of his lexicon.

5) Gary Ross: Hollywood screenwriter, currently helping direct the Hunger Games movie. But he’s on my list for writing Dave and Big. I enjoyed both movies growing up. Anyone who comes up with lyrical gold like, “shimmey, shimmey cocoa pop… she said a Triscuit- a biscuit!” C’mon, that’s too good to not make the list.

4) William Sprague III: Sprague was born in the Gov. William Sprague Mansion in Cranston, Rhode Island, and pursued classical studies as a student. He engaged in mercantile pursuits and was a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, serving as speaker from 1832 to 1835.  He was elected Governor of Rhode Island in 1838. He gets in for his last name, although I’ve no idea if we are related.

3) Jeremy Brett: This British actor played Sherlock Holmes in the original TV series. I’ve never actually seen him act, but I like the Holmes books, and really enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes character. So, Brett gets in as a trailblazer and for being cool enough to play Holmes himself. Elementary my dear reader.

2) Shadoe Stevens: Seven words: “Give me Shadoe Stevens for the block.”

1) Dolph Lundgren: IVAN DRAGO! Maybe not the most positive movie quotes of all time, but a couple memorable ones that are fun to imitate: “If he dies, he dies” and “I must break you.” Drago was ruthless! Lest we forget, Dolph played He Man in Masters of the Universe.

Honorable Mentions: Tyler Hansbrough, Karch Kiraly, Pete’s Dragon, and the country of Panama.

Happy Birthday Gang!




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