Too many ideas?

I found a clip on youtube and Laughed Out Loud (It felt great to actually write that out.). It’s a cartoon about a delusional, wannabe writer sharing his dream with a friend who’s trying desperately to bring him down to Earth. You can watch it HERE.

At the tail end of the dialogue, the friend says;

“Are you ready to find yourself on page 50 and then think of an even better idea for a novel?”

I know this feeling. I won’t go so far as to say that all my ideas are better than their predecessors, but I have a bunch of them clamoring for attention. I’ve got ideas for a children’s fantasy series (I am a little over 10,000 words into this one), a mystery/thriller, another memoir, a couple of small children’s books, a couple targeted at teens, and today God gave me what just might be my favorite yet. When I throw in blog ideas, sermons, and Bible study lessons it really gets cluttered. What’s a wannabe to do?

I already struggle with starting things, getting bored, then starting something new, so these ideas battling for my time is a strong temptation. This weakness is one of the reasons finishing Grateful was such an accomplishment.

I believe it’s a great problem to have; it’s certainly better than a blinking cursor on a blank computer screen. However, it makes for some tantalizing, distracting, and ineffective time management.

Do you have any great tools for staying focused when you have multiple things playing racquetball in your brain? I’d love to hear them.

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