Why I Write

A fellow author asked me, “Why do you want to write?” My answer, I want to use words to influence people.

I am an idealistic-romantic who believes we should be married to one person till death do us part and it’s far better than any alternative. I believe children should have loving fathers and mothers, and they can thoroughly enjoy each other. I believe we should care for one another and consider it un-heroic.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where my vision is considered archaic, irrelevant, implausible, cold, and even mean-spirited. We live in a time and place where we believe it’s better to move on than to forgive. A place where children are an inconvenience. A time where keeping to ourselves is socially and politically correct. I hate those ideas.

I hate divorce and I hate when parents neglect their kids. I hate abortion and I hate the death penalty. Ultimately, I hate hopelessness and all of those things are tainted by it.

I want my words to dispel hopelessness, and to tell stories that give people hope. Real hope. Hope that matters when your life falls apart. Hope that hangs on when a spouse cheats, a kid fails, or a parent walks out. I want to change the world with my words. I want the addict to put down the bottle, the prodigal to return, the cheater to come home, and the hurt to forgive.

Here’s my dilemma.

I get flattered by fame and seduced by success. I envy best-selling authors and covet blog subscribers. I use people and abuse time. I’m a filthy sinner capable of doing any of the things I hate. And when I’m reminded of those things I push away the keyboard. I close the book.

Deep down I want to craft stories that inspire fathers to be great dads and boys to be great sons. But I also know about those evils lurking inside me, waiting to mess things up.

I need God’s help to squash the pride, jealousy, and discouragement, so I’m asking for your prayers.

Will one of the stories God puts in my heart become a global best-seller and revolutionize world relations? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

Will one of the stories God puts in my heart change the world of its reader? If not, then I’m wasting my time.

Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh. The Word that made His dwelling with men. The Living Word. I consider it an honor and responsibility of the highest degree to teach His word, to write, and to create with words. True hope is found in His words and I hope that all of mine are anchored in His. Would you pray for me? This is my prayer for myself; perhaps you could offer something similar.

I want to change the world with the words you give me, one reader at a time.
Please help me to throw off the distractions and keep my hand to the plow… the keyboard.
Help me to be faithful with my time and talent while trusting you with results.
Help me remember that you love me and that it’s not because I’m awesome.
Help me remember that your love transcends my failures and my successes.
Help me remember that Jesus paid for my vanity, my pride, and my covetousness on the cross.
Help me rejoice in the truth of redemption and let You redeem my work.
Let me be your pen.

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