The Road He Traveles

Robert Frost culminated his adored poem with the following,

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

The poem encourages people to avoid following the crowd, or taking the easy route. Commencement speeches are punctuated with Frost’s words; inspiring graduates to pursue lofty, uncommon goals.

Much is made of the choice. But what if it wasn’t your choice? What if the poet had been forced down the “less traveled” road; would it still have made “all the difference?”

Caedmon and other extraordinary people have been placed on a less traveled road. Will theirs make all the difference?

It’s a hard concept for many to appreciate – those comfortable on our busy road. We look at our friends, on their less traveled road, and doubt that they could be happy or content. Yet day after day, happiness and contentment flow from Caedmon like words from the quill of Shakespeare. That little boy possess a joy that I will not profane with my limited vocabulary. We may not ever fully know why Caedmon, or anyone else, was chosen for the less traveled road, but perhaps there’s a joy reserved only for those that walk it.

Here is what I believe, what I hope, captures Caedmon’s view of his path.

The Road He Travels
By Ryan Sprague

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
But this is the only path I know.
A weary traveler, long I stood,
And wondered if I ever would,
Travel the road where my brothers go.

Their way is smoother, but all is fair,
I do not wish them off their road.
In our family, my burden’s shared.
It’s actually better that they are there.
For from that path they can share my load.

I doubt if I’d been given the choice,
I’d have opted for this trail.
But I might have missed that still soft voice,
That gives me the power to rejoice,
And provides the wind that fills my sail.

After many steps along my way,
When at last my final breath is spent.
I’ll look back fondly on that day,
When the smoother path was taken away,
And know why mine was different.


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