I’m Like Nate

I’m Like Nate.
Happily existing. Comfortable. Taking it all in.
Well, not all.

I have no concept of all.

Nate lives in a world with boundaries.
Ends. Walls. Capacities.
He thinks he knows all.

He’s ignorant of his ignorance.

Nate lives in water; he would otherwise die.
But does he know he was made for the ocean?
Or, is he happy existing? Comfortable? Taking it all in?

I’m like Nate.

What if I took him from his house. What if I took him home?
Little Nate in the vast, blue deep.
Exploring the endless sea.

No. Not endless.

His home would be bigger, but not endless.
They may be further away, but his home still has boundaries.
Shores. Floors. Capacities.

I’m not God.

His understanding has no limit. He holds time, all of it, in His hand.
He has no boundaries. He is endless. He cannot be measured.
He is God.

I’m like Nate.

Praise the Lord.

(Inspired by Psalm 147, and the first chapter of A.W. Tozer‘s “The Attributes of God“)


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