Back to normal

My first Nobody’s Normal post asked the question, “What is Normal?” That question was the inception for this blog, but it birthed a twin. Sharing my thoughts with words helped me discover a hidden desire to write, and those ideas began sneaking into Nobody’s Normal. My writing itch led to posts about a wide array of topics, forcing my followers to ask “What is normal… about this blog?”

Well, that question should be like the Atlanta Falcons 2011 season, a thing of the past. To satisfy my writing writing, I started a new blog called Discovering Writing. On that site I’ll write about what I’m learning as a writer, who I’m learning from, what I’m inspired by, the books I’m reading, and other miscellaneous content I come across in my development as an author. If you’re a writer, be it notes or novels, I’d love to have your participation at Discovering Writing; I need all the help I can get.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ve noticed me taking on some pretty big issues happening in the world. While they’re important, they don’t always fit into the “Nobody’s Normal” context, and it became confusing for everyone. Not to mention the random posts to promote my writing projects.

So, I reworked as the location of my blogs about the home, family, and world from a Biblical perspective. Everything I write has  a Biblical perspective because the Bible’s my source for truth. However, the topics I address at will be much broader than the content here. It’s also the place to follow the progress of my books or  invite me to speak to your group.

That leaves us with Nobody’s Normal getting back to normal. You’ll notice a slight change in the appearance and a couple new pages. The Recommended Reading page has a running list of books that deal directly with disability or have extraordinary characters. (Feel free to pass along anything I’ve missed) The Normal? page is a reworking of my first ever post, the genesis of this whole project, to keep me focused on my purpose here and to introduce new people to what Nobody’s Normal is about.

I’m trying to stick to a posting schedule as well. This is to avoid bursts of four posts in four days followed by zero posts for weeks; my goal is to post the big articles once a week. I might put brief comments up on any given day, but I’ll try to reserve the lengthier ones for Thursdays. Obviously, today’s an exception, but look for a new Nobody’s Normal post in a couple of days.

Thanks for your continued support and readership.


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