100 word Challenge: Wednesday on the Couch

In a continuing effort to improve as a writer, I’ve added this exercise to my weekly drills. Writers from all over are prompted and must write a response in 100 words. It demands efficiency, encourages creativity, and I think it’s fun. Let me know what you think, and click on the image above if you’d like to participate.

This week’s prompt was: …Wednesday…

Without further adieu…

This couch is my solace, and my prison; like being flogged on a massage table.

“How have you been?” Doctor Weaver’s nice, but she’s just like everybody else.

“Ignored.” I wasn’t in the mood.

“Would you prefer taking a break for today?” She tried to conceal a grin, but I noticed.

“I would actually.”

“Okay.” Another smirk, not hidden so well this time. “I have some stuff to finish from yesterday, and some to prepare for tomorrow, so don’t worry about it.”

“Figures. I’ll see you next week, Doctor.”

“See you, Wednesday.”


  1. The scene here is described without you really describing it. It just springs into the head. I’m a sucker for dialogue, I have to say. Believable diaglogue is a joy to read.

    Welcome to 100WCGU.

  2. You caught me with that first line, it sets both the scene and the mood. The only thing that’s not clear is the grin – is it real, or is he imagining it? Nice that it could really go either way.

  3. I’m glad that therapist isn’t mine either. Great dialogue! I was drawn in right away and want to keep reading.

  4. I’m having a great time reading all these interpretations this week. This one is very different and has set me thinking. I like dialogue & admire those who can write it so well! It is super to have your work on the 100WCGU – thanks for sharing!

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