Genesis, Galileo, Darwin, and me.

I’m not educated enough to write an objective article on the questions gonging in my brain. I read what I can, question when necessary, and strive to seek truth over societal (be they secular or religious) interpretations. Ultimately this post is an advertisement for another, written by a much more qualified author. Before I introduce my trusted resource, let me explain my struggle.

I’m about halfway through Francis Collins book, The Language of God. Collins is the PhD who is the head of the Human Genome Project, and his book provides, what he considers to be, clear evidence for God’s existence. I was intrigued by the book’s premise, but the ideas proposed are wrestling with the ideas inhabiting my mind for control of my thinking, believing, and behaving.

Basically, Collins is a firm believer in Darwinian Evolution – the idea that all life – the weeping willow and William Wallace – shares a common ancestor. He tries to build bridges between the dogmatic naturalist and dogmatic super naturalist with the materials of genetics. It’s compelling information. He got me to revisit Galileo, to rehash the literal 24 hour day interpretation of Genesis, and reexamine my established battle lines. It’s been hard to think about anything else. I wanted to write a lucid article that would once and for all end the debate, and free everyone to pursue truth. But, I’m not qualified to have a bagel with these guys, much less write a rebuttal. So, I’m deferring to Ken Boa.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Case Institute of Technology , a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary , a Doctorate fromNew York University , and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford in England. He’s the single most intelligent, well read human I’ve ever had the privilege of speaking with, and he calls Georgia home – bonus. He’s as comfortable talking with a biochemist as he is with a film critic. He’s a remarkable man.

The article I want to encourage you to read is titled, The Evolution Revolution: Naturalism and the Questions of Origins. It’s a brief history of Galileo, Darwin, the Scopes Trial, the Big Bang, literal interpretation of Genesis, and other issues I wish I was better qualified to teach. The following passage, taken from the article, spoke to my concerns and might entice you to read.

The Bible is regarded by Christians as the unerring or infallible written revelation from God; theology is the very human, fallible enterprise of interpreting and applying the teachings of the Bible. Similarly, the physical universe, or nature, was created by God and therefore reflects his truth in all its data; science, though, is the all too human, fallible enterprise of interpreting the data of nature. Thus, the data of Scripture and the data of nature, since both come from God, may be regarded as fully reliable and consistent with one another, while our interpretations of either or both Scripture and nature may be inconsistent or in error.

(The images were pulled of Ken Boa’s website. Unfortunately, I only nabbed the thumbnails, but his site is rich with beautiful images. And, he provides hundreds of resources, even books, for free.)

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  1. That’s an article to make you think…wow! Thanks for sharing and stretching my brain cells for the day!

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