Jodi Picoult, Speaking of Normal #2

“I’m pretty much useless: not Jacob’s parent, and not one of his teachers. I’m just here as the benchmark alternative, so that my mother can look from Jacob to me and measure the distance between an AS kid and a so-called normal one.”

Taken from “House Rules, by Jodi Picoult. Theo is speaking, a teenager whose brother has Asperger’s.


  1. Wow. Poor kid. Poor mom.

    English writer’s note. Try “whose brother has”.
    A brother is a person. So, like God, should have “who” in descriptive phrase, not that.
    A brother who has Asperger’s syndrome. A God who loves us. A human parent who is not perfect….
    From a friend who loves reading your posts…..

    1. If I were posting on my writing blog I wouldn’t have made that error. LOL. I didn’t like that sentence when I wrote it. However, I was in a hurry… Changing it now, and writing about it on Discovering Writing. Thanks for the pointer!

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