Autism Awareness Month

Nobody’s Normal is wearing different clothes for the month of April – blue for Autism Awareness. Joining advocates all over the country, this is just a simple way to raise awareness and increase conversation. I’ve got a few friends on the spectrum, and I’m glad to do my part.

Tomorrow is a world-wide campaign to “Light it Up Blue” by picking up a blue light bulb and installing it on your front porch. You’ll see the Sydney Opera House, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, The Empire State Building, The Cairo Tower in Egypt, The Paris Stock Exchange all shaded blue, but you won’t see the White House joining the cause. A friend has been personally involved in the campaign to get President Obama to participate, and you can read about it on his site (Baffling, The Missing Color, Letter to the President, and Obama’s Automated Response).

You don’t have to know all the answers to Light it up Blue. Just grab a blue shirt, install a blue light, change the background on your blog, or play Elvis’ most well-known Christmas tune all day, it’s up to you.

Autism Speaks.


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