100 word Challenge: Mel?

In a continuing effort to improve as a writer, I’ve added this exercise to my weekly drills. Writers from all over are prompted and must write a response in 100 words. It demands efficiency, encourages creativity, and I think it’s fun. Let me know what you think, and click on the image above if you’d like to participate.

This week’s prompt was: What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice

The chef’s a curmudgeon and often disrespectful, but he’s never been anything less than excellent in the kitchen. He’ll never run a five-star restaurant, but in his niche there’s no one better. For the first time in decades Alice was on the other side of the counter. Vera –  cheerful, but hiding something – delivered the drinks, meticulously recorded the order, and returned with the sides. What was the rabbit late for, wondered Alice. Was Mel worried about her taking the job in Tempe? She looked into the kitchen and started to slide out of the booth.

“Don’t get up,” Vera was insistent, “Everything’s fine.”

Alice wasn’t so sure.


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