Why – A Poem for my wife

(I wrote this to my wife a year or two ago; I felt it appropriate to share as we approach Mother’s day.)


Why would you give up so many hours?
The planning, the cooking, the teaching.

Why would you forsake so many others?
For four little boys in your home.

Why do you struggle throughout your whole day?
For rest, for instruction, for their well-being.

Why do your freely enter their world?
To pretend, to dance, to climb the playgrounds.

Why do you  make sure they have what they need?
Pancakes, new pajamas, head butts.

Why do you…

That’s why you give up your time every day.
You love as you plan, cook, and teach.

That’s why you choose them over all of your friends.
You love as you sacrifice for them.

That’s why your willing to keep fighting on.
You love as you strain for their best.

That’s why you’ll take off your adult attitude.
You love as you pretend, dance, and play.

That’s why you give them the things that they need.
You love them with pancakes.

That’s why…
You’re a great mom.

An incredible mother with her four beneficiaries. Five will be here soon enough.


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