Why I support free birth control.

Perhaps the following statement is unnecessary but I believe it’s a necessary disclaimer: I am not an expert on the United States Constitution. Five justices on the Supreme Court ruled it was constitutional, four dissented. I don’t understand all the arguments for and against its constitutional adherence. I appreciate the existence of sick people who would love to get well. I know what it means to have expensive medical bills. I will happily sign the petition for massive, radical health care reform. I get why this issue matters and why it’s so polarizing. That is why this post won’t address the political or legal matters pertaining to Obamacare. However, there is a serious point of contention that must be addressed: providing “free” birth control.

Would you think it strange if our government instituted a law, placing a financial burden on the taxpayers to provide free air to U.S. citizens? What if there were people who were so severely addicted to cigarettes they required nicotine filters in their home to flavor their air, and the government passed a law requiring you to pay for it? What if someone simply gave up drinking water and sustained themselves on coffee instead. Should we be required to cover their extra costs?

Maybe these examples aren’t perfect, but I hope my point will be clear. Demanding that employers, the government, or insurance companies provide “free” birth control is as illogical as demanding them to provide coffee because birth control is already free, it’s called abstinence.

There is one birth control on the market today that’s 100% effective, all the time, regardless of age, sex, socioeconomic status, or political party – not having sexual intercourse. If you don’t want to get pregnant, keep your pants on. If you’re concerned about S.T.D.’s (and you should be), avoid any kind of sexual contact. It’s effective always, and no one has to pay for it ever.

Our thinking has become so backwards. Passing out a condom because “they’re gonna do it anyway” is absolutely insane. If you want a behavior to stop, you must allow natural consequences to land squarely between the eyes of the offending party. We offered birth control to promote safe sex. Today, S.T.D.’s are more prevalent and destructive than ever before. This thinking hasn’t, and won’t ever work.

Having sexual intercourse is a choice. Like going SCUBA diving, sky diving, mountain climbing, or bungee jumping. Where are the insurance mandates for those risk takers? Can I make a potentially crass point? If a fool packs his parachute poorly and dies from a skydiving accident, his accident puts no strain on anyone other than his loved ones. However, when a promiscuous fool uses a condom and “accidentally” makes a child, his government endorsed foolishness results in two more people on Welfare. And abortion isn’t the solution, it’s abstinence.

Is it right for me to catch one of my sons if they fall from a tree? Yes. Is it right for me to remove the poison from a Black Mamba and then teach my kids to play with those snakes? Of course not! If one of my children were to make a foolish choice involving sex I would be there to catch them. But you better believe they won’t have genital Herpes for the rest of their lives because the condom I gave them broke. There is a fundamental difference in the two scenarios.

Apparently Obamacare is constitutional, but that doesn’t make it logical. I’m all for free birth control – the kind that costs nothing more than common sense, abstinence.


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