“Courage Pushed On” – A Poem for my wife and Lucy’s mother.

Anxiety called out, “It’s time.”
Like Jesus in Gethsemane, the weight of the Genesis three promise – personal pain for another’s life – pressed in.
Her body trembling, retching.

Courage pushed on.

Fear arrived and took up her cross.
Like Emmanuel on the Via Dolorosa, the brutality of the journey and intensity of the destination grated.
Her muscles strained and cramped, writhing and bending her body.

Courage pushed on.

Fatigue kneeled, exhausted, verging on tears.
Like the Son before Simon, she crumbled to the floor overwhelmed by the pangs of life.
Insides constricting; pressure building.

Courage pushed on.

Pain, laying down; struggling for relief; anticipating the end.
Like the Christ in His final moment, she cried out.
Reaching the limit of human endurance: stretching and searing.

Courage pushed on.

Light entered the world.
Courage held light to her exhausted body; the promise embraced.
Mother and daughter.
Labor of love.

Courage and Light – Jeni and Lucy – My girls.

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