Extraordinary Books: All He Needs for Heaven

allheneedsAt a recent conference I had the privilege of meeting Chet McDoniel. I met him in front of his booth, where he was promoting his speaking ministry and selling his books. I purchased two volumes, one written by Chet and the other written by his father, Jim. The latter, “All He Needs for Heaven,” was the one I chose to read first and the object of this review.

Chet was born as a “limb deficient child,” having no arms, and legs that are very short, “as if the thigh section was missing.” This book walks the reader from the delivery room surprise all the way to present day, dedicating sections to various issues many of us must face as we live in extraordinary families.

I imagine much of this will be in Chet’s book, but the overarching theme of this one was about Chet’s unyielding, enthusiastic outlook on life. He never backed down from a challenge. His mom voiced the fears I sure all mothers endure,

Sometimes, I just have to turn and walk away. I must let him do what he thinks he can.”

If he was interested in something, he never let his unique body type keep him from trying. He even once threatened to break a bully’s ankles with his power chair when the attacker tried to fight him.

The goal of the book seems to be to inspire. You aren’t going to find anything terribly pragmatic and you won’t find yourself jotting down ideas to implement in your home, but you will find a young man who never let a disability dictate his destiny and a father who was his biggest fan.


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