First Publishing Credits

Wizarding_World_of_Harry_Potter_CastleAs a writer, is there anything better than writing about something important to you and getting paid to do it? Many of us write for the simple joy that is being a wordsmith, but there’s also plenty of us that would love to see our writing become a means of provision. And who would complain about one of our characters getting their own land in a major theme park? None of that is happening for me yet, but I did get a third article published and thought I would share how it happened in hopes of encouraging you to do the same.

slideshow_1002031157_chickfila_0101_CC12I don’t have the art of freelancing down and I am intimidated by the thought of preparing concepts and sending them off to unsuspecting publishers so I started in the land of Familiar for my first couple publishing credits and we will see where it takes me.  Writing as a former Florida State football player, my first professionally published piece was in Unconquered Magazine, a monthly periodical of Seminole Boosters.

2 roadsThe second work I had published was a little poem that ran in a monthly magazine published for families in Florida who are touched by Special Needs. It was another effort without compensation, but it was also another publishing credit and I had the privilege of seeing something I wrote out for the public to read.

cover-august-12-issueOn my next try I expanded the niche just a little to a magazine published for homeschooling families, but still wrote about something near and dear to me in an article called “Nobody’s Normal.” This is the same magazine that published my third article, “Hospitality That Proclaims the Gospel,” and both of them produced some grocery money!

I earned $40 for each of the articles The Old Schoolhouse printed. Nothing that would allow me to retire in the mountains, but not pro bono either.

The process was relatively simple. I found a magazine that depends on contributors for their material and I inquired. They produced a projection of topics for their next six months of magazines and I submitted three ideas I thought they might like. They picked two of them. Having them provided what they were looking for was great for me, because, like I said, I’m a bit intimidated by the unsolicited approach.

I’m glad there are magazines like these out there where writers like you and me can get some experience before the New Yorker comes calling.

I’d love to hear about your first publishing credits or your efforts to get your first one in the books.

Keep Discovering Writing!

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