Are you scared of flying? A poem of comfort.

My wife is off to Colorado today and she’s a little apprehensive about the flight, so I wrote her this poem. Maybe you’ll find comfort in it too.

You’re Going on a Plane Today

You’re going on a plane today
but on the ground you’d like to stay
I know you’re scared, so hear me say
You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.

The plane goes very high, I know
and we’ll seem small down here below
you’re fearful of mankind’s ego
Your faith must grow. Your faith must grow.

Sure, man attached your plane’s two wings
He copied birds – God’s flying things
God makes both soar – kites on their strings
He is the king. He is the king.

There’s lift, and thrust, and force, and speed
they keep planes in the air, indeed
the laws of physics share a creed
It’s God we heed. It’s God we heed.

You must place not your faith in man
you’re safely held in God’s strong hand
the winds obey the Son’s command
Just trust his plan. Just trust his plan.

In case you’re wondering, this poetic form is a monotetra. I discovered it from a post on Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog over at Writer’s Digest called Poem Types: A List of Poetry Forms.

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