My new book is ready to print! Pictures of the process.

After lots of writing, lots of editing, and lots of formatting, my second book is going to press this afternoon. It’s called Seasons: What College Athletes Need to Know About Their Future. I went by Rose Printing to sign off on the proof and let them get to work. I love having a big time book printer right here in Tallahassee and I recommend them highly if you’re looking for someone to produce your book. (I’ll support that “big time book printer” assertion with a picture below.)

First of all, here’s a picture of the front cover. My friend James Barnett designed this and it was his very first book cover. He did a pretty incredible job! James runs a wonderful non-profit called Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself which you’ll learn a little more about below.


Here’s the written content sitting in front of the cover proof. This cover is gloss but the final will be a matte finish. Seasons’ trim size is 8.5 x 5.5 in case you were wondering. You have to sign of on both parts before they will start the print run.

photo (3)

This is just a picture of the book’s spine. The content is wrapped inside but no glue or anything. The book is 262 pages. James made a great spine, too!

photo (4)

This is just a glimpse of the interior. I hired the team at TLC Graphics to format the book and they used James’ cover design as their inspiration. TLC was great to work with! They even helped me in ares beyond what I hired them for to help make sure Seasons was the best it could be.Now the book flows seamlessly! (This picture is a bit dark do to my phone not the design.)

photo (5)

Remember how I said Rose Printing was big time. Well I submit the following as exhibit A.

photo (7)Yeah, they printed both The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban. Maybe Seasons will sell like Harry! You can pre-order a copy or four and help make that happen.

Finally, this is a picture of the last page in the book. CYNY is working hard and efficiently to providing clothing around the world, clothing that often allows a child to go to school and begin to set a new direction for their life. Their mission is “Saving the World, One Naked Person at a Time.” Is that great or what? Check out their site and pick up a T-Shirt so they can clothe one of those naked people. They do great work all over the globe. I hope people buy Seasons and find this little ad and get connected to Clothe Your Neighbor.

photo (6)

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