A Poem For Miscarriage


This July, my wife’s younger sister ended an extra-long pregnancy and an extra-long labor with the birth of our newest niece. Our family was giddy with enthusiasm as her delivery date drew near, but I was worried the day would be hard for my wife. We lost Oliver to miscarriage a few months ago, but we were expecting him to share a birth month with this new cousin. The possibility was there for them to grow up together, sharing milestones and memories for a lifetime but that’s not how the story was written. Instead, Oliver came months too soon which made this day of celebration one of possible sadness as well.

A few weeks before that day, I wrote my wife a poem to read the day her niece was born. I tried to imagine the emotions she would feel and did my best to put them into words for her. Neither of us had been to this place before so there was a lot of imagination and inspiration that went into these lines and, by God’s sweet grace, Jeni said they captured her feelings well. So much so that she asked me to share them with others.

I hope this gives voice to emotions that might have been silent. I hope it helps you honor someone you’ve lost and honor someone who’s with you now.

It’s called “Here and There.”

Brackish tears in your eyes —
joy tinged with pain.
Sweet flow from this precious moment,
Bitter stream from moments past.
She is here.
He is there.

Entwined rhythms in your heart —
happiness composed with grief.
Fluttering snares of joyful arrival,
Pounding tympani of hope deferred.
She is here.
He is there.

Conflicting psalms on your tongue —
still waters in a valley.
Rejoicing — she holds your finger,
Lamenting — he holds your heart.
She is here.
He is there.

Gravitational truths in your soul —
life harkens death.
Sharing the moment brightens your face,
Not sharing it fully tightens your throat.
She is here.
He is there.

She is here,
a precious child with a story to unfold.
He is there,
a precious child whose story has been told.
Here you are,
a precious child with emotions tough to bear.
Give them to,
our precious King who holds us, here and there.

photo credit: jeffsmallwood via photopin cc


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