What’s in the blog?

Back in the 1800’s respiration was defined by two primary modes: expiration – the act of breathing out, and inspiration – the act of drawing air into the lungs. We don’t think of inspiration in that context anymore, but isn’t it beautiful? It provides a deeper understanding of those moments that take our breath away. When beauty forces itself to be noticed, and we gasp, we’re inspired.

I didn’t know it when it happened, but Michael Crichton’s book, Jurassic Park, breathed the air of inspiration into me as a middle school student. Prior to reading his tale of genetically recreated dinosaurs running amok on a tropical island I loathed reading. His book awakened me to the power of words, and you reading this is proof of their influence.

I now spend my days with a book in my hand and a story in my heart.

Since that Jurassic moment, God used His words to introduce me to himself, to tell me how He created everything with words, and how His Word became flesh and dwelt among us. God is a communicator, a storyteller, and we’re all living the drama.

This is why I’m humbled to create with words. God was the first author, and His is the bestselling book of all time. Me, I’m just a guy, a mere mortal who wants to tell stories. Writing began for me with my first blog, Nobody’s Normal. It was there that I write about my experience as a husband and father in a family touched by Cerebral Palsy. Having a son born with CP immersed our family in a new culture. This foreign culture had always been around us, we just never really noticed. Now we notice, and I want you to notice too. This is the heart of the Nobody’s Normal post on this site – to help all of us better understand the extraordinary special needs culture.

My first book was a memoir of my years playing football for the legendary Bobby Bowden at Florida State University. My second book was written to help prepare student athletes for college and their lives after graduation. I’ve got other books in process, God only knows which one will be finished next. Lord willing, there will be many more to come: memoirs, fiction for adults and kids, non-fiction, poetry, who knows. I write posts about all I’m doing and learning called Discovering Writing.

In the meantime, I communicate with the spoken word when I preach from a pulpit, teach from a lectern, or talk with a group. I hope the words I expire become the ideas you’ll inspire and in turn, let them inspire you.


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