Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win a National Championship? Do you root for the underdogs? We all know the stars, but are you one who wants to know about the unsung heroes? Would you want to be a fly on the wall when a living legend speaks?

In Grateful, you’ll get that chance. You’ll get a personal perspective of the legendary Bobby Bowden, a refreshing look at one of the great football dynasties in history, and a glimpse into the unfamiliar, family side of Florida State football.

“Sprague takes us inside one of the great programs in college football history and tells the story of a coaching icon as only a former player can. There is the joy and laughter that winners feel. But there are also sadness and tears, especially when the great man has to leave the stage. Ryan Sprague knows that both are necessary to tell the story. And he tells it very well” – Tony Barnhart, CBS Sports

Grateful is available at Alumni Hall Tallahassee, Barnes & Noble, Garnet & Gold, Bill’s Bookstore, and The Florida State University Bookstore.
It is also available online, HERE and Barnes&

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