Writing Wisdom

These quotes are an authentic, personal collection. I didn’t pull these off a quote website or a google search of writing quotes. I’m being careful to only add quotes I come across in my reading or hear in conversation. Maybe you’ll find some inspiring, but hopefully they’re all interesting. They are to me.

Annie Dillard

  • I simply like to write books.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • I have wrought my simple plan
    If give one hour of joy
    To the boy who’s half a man,
    Or the man who’s half a boy. – The dedication from The Lost World

Charles Martin

  • Of the six million species on the planet, only man makes language. Words. What’s more—in evidence of the Divine—we string these symbols together and then write them down where they take on a life of their own and breathe outside of us. Story is the bandage of the broken. Sutures of the shattered. The tapestry upon which we write our lives. Upon which we lay the bodies of the dying and the about-to-come-to-life. And if it’s honest, true, hiding nothing, revealing all, then it is a raging river and those who ride it find they have something to give—that they are not yet empty.
    Critics cry foul, claiming the tongue is a bloody butcher that blasphemes, slices, slanders, and damns—leaving scars, carnage, the broken and the beaten. Admittedly, story is a double-edged scimitar, but the fault lies not in the word but in the hand that wields the pen. Not all stories spew, cower, and retreat. Some storm the castle. Rush in. Stand between. Wrap their arms around. Spill secrets. Share their shame. Return. Stories birth our dreams and feed the one thing that never dies.
    This is true for all of us—even those who hide behind masks, carts, and names that do not belong to us. – An Excerpt from his novel “Unwritten.”

Gary Thomas

  • I not only want Christ’s words; I want his tone, his joy, his love of life, his fondness for stories, his favor toward children, who are deeply, deeply loved — but most of all, his passion for giving glory to God. – from The Beautiful Fight

William Zinsser

  • A good memoir requires two elements — one of art, the other of craft.


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